98% of students recommend Super ELL to other ELL students! 

As an ELL student turned Harvard graduate, Mawi knows that English Language Learners have no limits to their success. That's why Mawi Learning created Super ELL, a success course for ELL students. This course gives students the success tools and cultural training they can apply immediately to create a better life. 

Super ELL is easy to teach!

Super ELL is divided into five modules: Believe, See, Achieve, Grow, and Fly. Each lesson includes interactive images, videos, stories, activities, and assignments to engage and motivate students. The course is highly flexible and can be taught in a purely online or blended online and live classroom format. 



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Super ELL drives student success by

  • Teaching research-based SEL skills such as Grit and Growth Mindset
  • Increasing student sense of belonging through cultural training
  • Providing students with core academic skills for classroom success
  • Preparing students to apply to and attend college
  • Offering video summaries in Spanish
  • Supporting teachers through training
  • Building student academic confidence through flexible assessments
  • Giving every student hope, regardless of their background

What students and teachers say about Super ELL

“It teach ELL students like myself not to be felt left out but be bold and proud of who you are.


“I was embarrassed to speak English and to make mistakes but now I don't care because I learn with every mistake I do.


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“Super ELL gave my student training they had never received before in time management, goal setting, and cultural awareness. Super ELL provided a framework for the development of a growth mindset and fostered valuable sharing that took place in my room last year.”

-Sara, ELL Teacher



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