learn proven, research-based academic mindsets for classroom success
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Better Grades and Higher Test Scores

Mawi Learning offers your students a proven blueprint to success with Critical Thinking and Study Skills. 

Students of the Critical Thinking and Study Skills course will: 

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know how to increase their grades by using proven study techniques
get higher test scores by using the ACE testing success method

The Critical Thinking and Study Skills course can be taught for credit, or used as a supplemental success course. The course offers: 

  • 19 dynamic lessons
  • 20 videos where students get coached directly by Mawi Asgedom
  • A teacher guide to enhance student instruction
  • 24x7 access for teachers and students

A sneak peek at a coaching video that students see at the beginning of the course: 


"The skills and traits that Mawi Learning helped me develop were huge factors in my acceptance to Harvard, and will help any student reach his/her goals in their education, work lives, and future."

-Kevin Hu, Harvard Sophomore

"I used to be a C and D student. Now I'm an A and B student."

-Demonte, Lincoln Park High School Sophomore

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